Cultivating an Environment of Success as Director of Sales w/ Dustin Dettwyler

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A lot of companies call themselves teams, but they don’t actually apply the team approach. How can you bring connectedness to your team dynamic? What’s the difference between micromanagement and accountability? How do we overcome the challenges of managing people who are in different locations and cities? On this episode Rian Group Director of Sales, Dustin Dettwyler, talks about running the sales team on a daily basis, retaining top producing agents and helping people succeed.

As the individuals grow in line with the company’s vision, our production grows. -Dustin Dettwyler



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Three Things We Learned From This Episode

Team success is impossible without individual success

The role of director of sales is as much about growing the individual as much as growing the sales results. It’s about getting people to see more value in themselves, showing them what they are capable of and holding them to it.


Make remote agents feel plugged in through technology and communication

Communication is key when managing and working with people remotely. When we can’t have face time, a real conversation on the phone or video call is sufficient. It’s also necessary to help people feel connected and plugged in. If they feel like they are on an island, we risk losing them.


Learn from the experiences of people who have been where you want to go

A lot of us make the mistake of looking to ourselves or our colleagues to show us a path to where we’ve never been before. What we actually need is to learn from people who’ve achieved what we want to achieve. There’s always going to be a benefit to learning from the people who have already been there.


It takes a truly efficient system to be able to hold people accountable, help them get amazing results, and make them want to stay in the team. That high level of efficiency will also become the steering system of the agents. The key is instilling the belief that they can achieve what they want to, and that there’s no limit. Agents need to feel successful and feel like they are part of the team, wherever they are. If you invest in their success, that will pay dividends.


Guest Bio

Dustin is the Director of Sales at the Rian Group. He uses his passion for sales and people to help his clients feel at ease and well represented. Go to for more information, and to get in touch email

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