Debunking Common Misconceptions About Today’s Realtors

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There are some common misconceptions that the public has about Realtors that I wanted to debunk.

The first is that all Realtors can do the exact same thing for you, and that’s just not true. Different Realtors can give different levels of service, just like anything else – doctors, attorneys, etc. Some are good and some are bad; some Realtors really market your property and drive up interest, demand, and exposure, while some others just stick a sign in the yard and pray for an offer.

You want a Realtor with a strong plan and a proven track record.

The other misconception I see is the general public thinking that houses sell themselves and that Realtors have very little to do with it. This is also not true. While you still need a great product – the house – to sell, Realtors have a lot to do with the process. This includes how quickly it sells and how much you can get for the house because they are interacting with the buyers or the sellers, and negotiating the best terms and the best deals. Again, there are some Realtors who are great in this regard, and some who do a poor job.


Realtors have much more to do with the home sale than the public thinks.


You need a good house to sell, but a Realtor has a lot to do with how your property is represented. I’ve seen several examples of listings that Realtors haven’t been able to sell in the first six months, and then when they work with us, we re-list them and they sell within 48 hours of being on the market.

Finally, thinking you need a Realtor who only sells in your neighborhood is another common misconception in the West Coast marketplace. You want a Realtor with a proven track record of selling real estate – it doesn’t necessarily have to be in your neighborhood. If a Realtor can sell a house in a given neighborhood, they can sell anywhere. They don’t necessarily have to specialize in one small neighborhood.

If you have questions for me, or you’re interested in buying or selling a home, please feel free to reach out to me soon. I’d love the chance to speak with you.

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